School Clubs


The role of school clubs in overall student capacity building cannot be over-emphasized.

Since its introduction into schools, many have seen the usefulness and have since embraced it. They are therefore already reaping the benefits.

At BlossomHill Schools, we believe in training our students academically and also to be self-reliant. You will agree with me that entrepreneurship training is imperative in the society we live in today.

In 2006, the Federal Government directed all Nigerian Higher Institutions of Learning to include Enterprenuership Education (EEd) as a compulsory course, the reason being that with the high number of unemployed graduates, a little skill acquired could prove to be a great asset.

A vibrant and skilled youth can think of something to create or do and make wealth.

Our youth can be directed towards recognizing the opportunities available to them by ensuring they have acquired some skill while in school.

Therefore, we have made it compulsory for our students from Grade One to SS 3 to belong to a club.

Below are the various clubs available presently in our school:

  1. Music Club                                                     6.  Cultural and Creative Arts Society
  2. Home Makers Club                                        7.  Martial Arts
  3. JETS Club                                                        8.  Red Cross Society
  4. Dance Club                                                     9.  Brigade
  5. Press, Literary & Debate Club                  10.  Swimming

MUSIC CLUB:  We have musical instruments such as: Guitar, Violins, Pianos, Clarinet, Saxophone, Talking Drum, flutes and a standard drum set with clappers and cymbals. We can boldly say that each of our children in the Music club can sing and also use at least two of the above mentioned instruments effectively.

HOME MAKERS CLUB: We train our students, both male and female, on how to bake, cook, sew, make soap and beads, etc. Our children are also taught professional makeup. Some of our students, from the training received in this club, can already bake cakes and other pastries for their families and friends, thereby making cool cash. A student told me how she organized a group outside the school and taught them how to make liquid soap. I was excited to hear that she received every bit of that training here in school.

JETS CLUB: You want to learn how to join wires and couple simple things together to make something very useful, great and spectacular? Come to the Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientists (JETS) club. You will be amazed. This club produced a number of items in the outgoing session, such as door bells, oil lamp bulbs, helicopters, etc. They also attended some exhibitions where they showcased their inventions, and they received remarkable recognitions/awards.

DANCE CLUB:  Who says dancers are wayward? Check out professional dancers making huge money, your opinion will change. We are grooming great dancers who may want to engage in professional dancing or just for the fun of it. Our students in the dance club are making us proud already.

PRESS, LITERARY & DEBATE:  We have a vibrant set in this club. They cast news weekly bringing to us happenings in the school and around the world.They also occasionally organize special programs in the school. We are glad to inform you that some members of this club participated in external Inter-School Spelling Bee Competition and our students took the first position. Wow! What a remarkable achievement! As a way of fostering inter-school collaboration and friendliness, this club in conjunction with the school, recently organized a competition within the school premises, which involved other schools in the environment.

CULTURAL AND CREATIVE SOCIETY:  This is another mind blowing club where you find creativity at its best. It sometimes baffles me how they put things together to create beautiful objects.

MARTIAL ARTS:  Qualified professionals teach our children martial arts. Martial Arts is not all about fights and self-defense. It is also about how to maintain self-control and discipline at all times.

RED CROSS SOCIETY:  Our School is a registered member of the Nigerian Red Cross Society. We have certified Red Cross officials who come in to train our students.

BRIGADE:  We are in partnership with a professional and duly registered Brigade outfit for the regular training of our students in this club. Our students get a chance to display their acquired skills everyday, at the morning assembly.

SWIMMING: Can we all confidently say that we can swim when dropped in a 6 feet depth of water? Swimming is one important skill we all need to acquire. Apart from the health benefits therein, it is a survival skill everyone needs to get. This is the right time for our children to learn swimming.

In addition to helping our children acquire good skills, we teach them endurance and discipline. That is why we discourage children moving from one club to another within an academic session, which is, three (3) terms. We encourage that they remain in a club for at least one session so that they learn enough before moving to another club.

We remain grateful to our parents for their support, and further urge that they encourage their children to join a club and remain there long enough to acquire the necessary skills.

Together we shall ensure to continually breed highly adapted and skillful young ones.